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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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payday for many of us, but 10,000 baltimore county teachers and administrators are left empty handed. good evening. a computer glitch prevented transaction and now many teachers who live paycheck to paycheck fear their checks will bounce. the big question if banks will cover the costs of bounced checks. that's left unanswered. what we know is many teachers worried going into the weekend. >> shannon logged on to her bank account this morning and panic set in. her two week paycheck was not deposited. >> as most teachers i live check to check and i pay my bills online and i had a lot of electronic bills going out
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today and i don't have the funds to cover them. she teaches second grade. a few hours later emergency bulletin came out and the mother of two realized she wasn't alone. 10,000 baltimore county teachers and administrators were not paid this morning. a school spokesman says the problem began wednesday. >> this was an electronic file transfer that was to take place. bank's computer rejected the file. >> that file typically goes to m&t bank who works with other banks to deposit the money into individual accounts. but veterans day shut down transactions on thursday and that slowed down payments. by the close of business friday, some employees saw the money, but others were coming up short. she may have to wait until monday. >> if it's monday, i will have some serious issues with bills clearing early. i won't be able to grocery shop
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this weekend. i had plans to christmas shop. for now she has no plans to shop for groceries or gifts, not until she knows her bills will get paid. she received an e-mail from the payroll department around 6:00 friday evening which gives her some hope the school system is doing all it can. >> i just hope they fix whatever the glitch is and that that never happens again. >> and we are getting a number of comments on the facebook accounts. another teacher from franklin middle school has not been paid but her friends with m&t bank and first financial credit union were paid earlier today. shannon says the next big test is on black friday. teachers are usually paid early if the holiday lands on a friday. new at 11:00 tonight, a 7- year-old boy is dead after he was hit by a car late this afternoon. hped near longview and northeast baltimore around
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4:00. police were investigating the crash but it is believed to be pedestrian error. the boy had been walking with several other children and adult when police say he darted out in front of the vehicle. the boy was taken to johns hopkins where he died. the driver remained on the scene and no charges have been filed. the baltimore city police union has voted overhemmingly to reject a new contract. one year deal would have cut officer's pay by 2% in exchange for five more vacation days. 95% of the members shot down the proposal claiming they are already paying more for pensions and health benefits. >> i think when i'm taking furloughs, council members are taking furloughs, members who are lowest paid in the city are taking furloughs, if they choose to not to, it affects all of us. because this is about shared sacrifice to get on the other side of the recession.
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>> reporter: the mayor says she is confident both sides can work out a new contract. well, federal authorities say the arrest of a prince george's county executive is the tip of the iceberg. there will be more arrests and more charges. jack johnson said he is innocent. christine has been tracking the developments and joins us now with an update. >> reporter: maryland's top federal prosecutor says it's a simple pay to play scheme but one that involves tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. the county executive of the second most populace county at the state is at center of it taking large sums of money from developers in it exchange for official acts to help them asm lot of information coming out today and the investigation is far from over. that is prince george's county executive jack johnson being escorted away in handcuffs covered by a sport coat. happened just hours after the fbi listened in on the conversation between johnson
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and a pg county developer. >> fbi agents monitored a meeting which that developer gave jack johnson $15,000 in currency in return for official acts. >> after that meeting, fbi agents interviewed johnson and told him about their investigation which they say has been going on since 2006. johnson called his wife leslie, a call that was monitored again by the fbi. >> mr. johnson told leslie johnson to flush the check down the toilet. check they say was written by the developer to jack johnson for $100,000. plummer steve woolsey helped fbi search the show. >> started looking for evidence. >> during that call with his wife, authorities say leslie johnson interrupted jack johnson and asked if she should take out the cash out. jack johnson replied. jack johnson told leslie johnson to put the cash in her underwear. homes later fbi agents were at the front door searching leslie
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johnson. >> agents discovered $79,600 concealed on mrs. johnson. >> jack and leslie johnson had their initial court appearances this afternoon and were released with several conditions including the surrender of their passports. >> i cannot go into these allegations because my lawyers will kill me if i do. let me say that i'm innocent of these charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> now jack and leslie johnson are both charged with tampering with evidence and destruction of records in a federal investigation. that pertains to what happened today. the federal prosecutor says more arrests and charges are expected later. jack johnson closing out second and final term as county executive. his wife was elected to the pge county council. the affidavit is posted on the
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website. it is definitely a look at the driver in a crash that killed a maryland woman and injured a soccer player is set to plead guilty. expected to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and dui last october. ess inia was traveling a car carrying 22-year-old ashley roberta of phoenix who was killed. another passenger, a soccer player, suffered severe injuries and was forced to miss the world cup. another fantastic day of fall weather out there. i mean, just gorgeous stuff. all weekend long we are look like we will see a lot more of this. there are changes inbound. let's look at the highs today. mid- to upper 60s. man, it was nice. 58 in ocean city. 74 out in charleston, west
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virginia. now upper 20s toward york. we've got 30 in frederick. look at downtown with all of the concrete, the city itself still hanging on to 51. gucooling off rapidly later on. annapolis in low 40s. moisture dry, bone dry air. chapstick weather. but a nice warm up again tomorrow. back into the mid- to upper 60s. some spots will likely touch 70 degrees. it's awesome for this part of november. much more on your forecast when we see the change coming up. earlier tonight on abc 2- rbgs 20/20 featured a story about an alleged pay for play situation involving the better business bureau. centered around a bbb in california that i ledgedly told businesses they couldn't get a rating without paying a fee. there was a fake business called -- that was set up to test the system. and after paying the fee, it was give an rating by the bbb chapter. the greater maryland better business bureau says that was
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an isolated incident and their process is in-depth by invitation only and entirely separate from its rating system. most importantly, spokesperson angie burnett says bbb rate rgz not for sale. >> absolutely. you not buy that. that's something that's a commitment. the businesses behavior, their practices towards their customer is the evidence of that rating. not the points that a bbb system gives. >> angie burnett says greater maryland bbb routinely rejects businesses from being accredited and revokes accreditation if businesses fail to live up to their standards and points out the greater maryland bbb is a nonprofit organization. look at bad news for the post office. u.s. postal service says it lost 8 1/2 $000 million last year despite massive cuts. it projected a loss closer to 6 to 7 billion. americans september less mail which contributed to the loss.
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and while the post office struggles, starbucks is flourishing. the biggest coffee retailer says it's planning to open more than 500 stores in the next 12 months. many of them will be in china. last night, we thoald you that wal-mart will offer free shipping for all purchases on its website as the holiday shopping season ramps up, other retailers are now trying to figure out how to keep up. many stores have begun their black friday sales early and all the discounts and deals seem to be paying off. credit card companies say they seen a 3% increase in retail purchases. but now that wal-mart has played its trump card, expect the battle for your holiday dollars to heat up even more. >> everyone in retail is now sitting up and taking notice and trying to figure out what they are offering will be compared to wal-mart. >> another good sign for the holiday economic outlook, season hiring is up by as much
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as 300% over last year. great regret i stand before you today. have i been dreading this moment, we recovered enough physical evidence to believe we found zara. >> tonight investigators say a young girl missing for two months is dead. now the question becomes, how did ten-year-old girl die? police say dna on an artificial leg they found earlier matches a sample from the home. her stepmother is in jail after admitting to writing a false landsome note -- ransom note. greeting eastern shore family is speaking out calling for a band on alcohol energy drink. 21-year-old girl died following injuries she suffered in a single car crash. family members say courtney was out with girlfriends drinking four loko. the energy drink is 23.5% and has 12% alcohol and is combined
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with caffeine. courtney's father thinks the drink had a direct affect on his daughter's death. >> this drink here completely changed courtney. it just in more ways than one. i don't know it just completely as far as i'm concerned that evening drove courtney crazy. >> two states have banned the drink. the family hopes the same will happen here. a memorial has been set up at the scene of the crash. if you are hitting the road or flying the friendly skies this holiday season, why not do it in style? we will show you easy ways to travel first class on the coach budget. plus, family and friends take more than a little off the top standing behind a young boy for the fight of his life. days keep getting warmer around here. 66 today out at bwi. 58 our normal so that eight degrees above average but you know it has to end sometime. big storm on the march. we will talk about that coming up.
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tomorrow you can make a difference with so many folks in node this year we are kicking up our cinder time toy drive and helping the b. gate center earlier this year. baltimore county corvette club will be on display tomorrow and accepting donations at a huge block party in east baltimore. there will be food, live music and -- to accept clothes, food and any contributions you might have for the family sender. organizers say the need is great. >> it's important because in today's times there are a lot
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of folks struggling. and a lot of persons have been blessed and we want to give back and we want to help the community. we want to help those in need. >> like to talk to the kids. butthem-- put them in the cars and have fun. a way for us to give back. >> many, many people. >> about 120 cars on display and the event is free and runs from 11:00 until 3:00. as the weather gets colder, many men choose to let their beards grow out a bit for extra warmth. did you know there is a whole month dedicated to growing your facial hair? it's called no shave november when the dudes go a whole month without shaving. it has its own website complete with t-shirts and mugs for sale. observance is popular among the college students. >> me and my roommates have a battle to go who -- >> i have a a girlfriend and our six monday anniversary is november 26 and she want nose
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shave. >> all good things must come to an end. no shave november isn't just for fun and games. it's actually meant to raise awareness for prostate cancer. well, you need to get away you may be traveling for the holidays or planning a great winter escape. because your ticket says coach, doesn't mean you can't fly to first class. from the sky to the road, jaime shows how you can score an upgrade without landing in the red. >> reporter: jeffrey ward is a first class travelers. >> i travel literally every month. my favorite places are southern africa. argentina and i absolutely love paris, france. >> he loves it when he lands on a travel upgrade and ann says there are plenty of secrets to moving up in style without paying big bucks. >> a lot of travelers think that upgrades are for vip or celebrities. the truth is average travelers can get upgrades for airfare,
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hotel and car rentals if they nowhere to look. >> here is what to do. with airfare look at the coach ticket you buying. make sure it qualifies for upgrades, minus fees and make nose the best day is on a saturday when fewer elite travelers hit the skies or try your luck during the off season also -- >> a lot of times airlines will announce new rates and that can be an optimum time to get up to the front of the cabin. >> er the front of the cabin by shopping around for deal. >> look online and sign up for each airline individual newsletter. you can try message boards. although experts say it's rare, how about asking nicely. that may do the trick on some international flights. it worked for jeffrey on a recent trip to south africa. >> well, mr. ward, no upgrades for sale today but we were pleased to offer you a complimentary upgrade. >> at hotels, popping the upgrade question can go a long way. kim says asking can be a great
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strategy when you celebrating a special occasion. let the front desk know. >> when you are on a family vacation it can be more difficult to either leave the kids in the car and then ask for the upgrade or warn them. >> and how about try to check in late. that's when hotels know which rooms are available. on the road car rentals are determined by supply and demand. >> if you book an economy class car, there is actually a great chance you will be upgraded because those lower mileage cars are in high demand. >> finally from the air to the ground, our experts agree loyalty programs will always pay off. >> whether you travel a lot or a little. so that's because most of them are free to enter anyway. free to become a member of and they don't expire. >> jeff is a member of several loyalty programs but will never forget his free airline upgrade. >> i felt pretty darn special. >> and when it comes to the high seas, orlando says loyalty programs are the best way to
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sail to an upgrade on cruises. abc 1 news. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. sounds like a picture perfect weekend. >> we are on a role here and we will keep it going into the weekend. there is an end in sight. i'm saying enjoy it and you are running in the morning you will have a crisp start. >> crisp means cold. >> well, yeah. we are trying to say it in a positive way. crisp in the morning. sunny and mild in the afternoon. how is that? >> don't forget your sunglasses. uc protection. let's take a look at what it looks like tonight. it's a clear night in the city. very, very dry. 37 degrees right now. just a chilly night on the way. when you have the extremely dry air, it does two things. number one it warms up very rapidly under a cloud-free sky. i think we will see similar
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conditions tomorrow but the second thing it cools off dramatically at night. so k50eu7d of the good with the bad on that and also of course you end up with the chapstick and having to drink a lot of money. got a humidifier now is the time to break that out. arlington a lot of nice sunshine on our weathernet camera and take it down to chesapeake beach, beautiful blue skies. nice looking day of weather and more good days ahead. at least until next week. right now maryland most powerful radar all clear. but that will begin to change toward monday and especially tuesday. temperatures upper 30s now. 28 and 4. in hagerstown. highs across the board are low to mid-60s. 63 wilmington and 64 frederick right now. let's zoom you in here and show you your neighborhoods tomorrow. easton 67. ken island 65. a lot of sunshine. great weather. take you up toward cecil county.
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a great pleasure of taking a nice morning drive up there this morning toward a rising sun. beautiful start tomorrow. same deal. chilly early and then 64, 65. later in the day and some spots likely to hit 70. but take a look at this. two things going on. high pressure that's been giving us beautiful weather. that's beginning to slide east and we will get warmer over the weekend. this storm is growing to a pretty significant intensity here. luckily it will track north of us. but we will catch the bottom edge of this thing and the trailing cold front and that will likely produce rain in here as we go into monday night and tuesday. check it out. double barreled high pressure over the east coast now as quiet a weather pattern. but low pressure on the march and this will again give us a glancing blow. that front trailing behind marchs toward us does not get here. warm south breezes ahead. sunday we stay dry. sunday night and into monday that's when our chance for rain
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begins to develop. slim chances there is so much dry air around. i don't think we will see rain hit the ground until later in the week. overnight 31 crystal clear. tomorrow a nice saturday. 66. unless it was sunny. and just about the best weather to pick on a november weekend. 34 tomorrow night and seven days ahead enjoy saturday and sunday and even monday. but as we go into monday and tuesday, rainier weather moving in. i don't think it will be a deluge of rain, but we will see change of temperatures and the chance for showers toward the middle of next week. thank you. one boy's fight against cancer has led his family and friends to show their support in a visible way. doctors found huge tumors on six-year-old tommy mortimer's liver and chemotherapy treatments caused tomty lose his hair. his dad, brothers, his friends and relatives all stood by him by shaving their heads. parents say they were
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overwhelmed by all of the support. >> it means we don't have to go through anything alone. >> few of the family friends have made t-shirtd to support tommy and some have gotten tatoos. we will be right back after the break.
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your press box sports report. ravens will have their second free sunday of the year but it won't feel as good as the bye week did after the loss to the atlanta falcons pp baltimore had a chance to win and did score against the falcons team that yielded only 16 in the final period all year long. other eyelets was the two sacks
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and trailing six and the nine yard-line touchdown. the ravens trail the pittsburgh steelers by a half game. certainly hoping the steelers lose to new england sunday night. elsewhere around the division resurgent cleveland browns host the jets and slumping cincinnati travelr traveld to face indianapolis. look at all the toyota's for sale.
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let's go with... i'm selling my toyota rav4. do you know anything at all about the escape? it's a nice light blue color. much like my eyes. my goodness, it's true. the mileage is extraordinary. 28 miles per gallon on the highway. it's a voice-activated sync system. all around, it's better than my toyota. get our best deals. 0% financing and, as a holiday bonus, we'll give you $1500 to use toward your first three payments. is it wrong to drive a toyota to ford's year end celebration? not if you leave it behind.
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kelly, you are looking forward to getting out there around dawn tomorrow. 37 already. and upper 20s in frederick right now. it's going to be a cold night. rapid rebound tomorrow. back into the mid-and upper 60s during the day. nice weather. enjoy it. another good looking day on sunday, too. okay. so that's it for abc news. remember, we are always online, have a great weekend. [ cow moos ]
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